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The EU was failing and was corrupt. So they pretended to be handing out money, which was just a ruse to make the greedy come to help progress their scam, but the strings attached were binding if hard to see.
The EUroRealists also came to see the offer, but didn't join a PEPP wishing to deal with The EU from outside its political clutches.
The EU asked the EUroRealists why they didn't come in as it was so lavishly rewarded and comfortable living on bribes.
The EUroRealists replied, 'Because we can see the tracks of those going in, but they are destroyed and there are no tracks showing they survived.'

Other people's lives are lessons in how we can avoid danger: it is easy to enter the house of a powerful man, but once you are inside, it may already be too late to get out.

Monday, 27 June 2011

27-Jun-2011 - BIrmingham UKIP PEPP YES/NO DEBATE

27-Jun-2011 - BIrmingham UKIP PEPP YES/NO DEBATE

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For a further report on this meeting see: CLICK HERE

Nigel Farage's Official salaried boot licker Michael Greaves stated:
'UKIP Members are to stupid & naive to understand the issues'
no doubt mimicking His Master's voice he continued:
'he knows understands the issues because he works in the EU parliament'.

It seems he has learned little and is very naive regarding communication skills as his presentation, like Mick McGough's was unconvincing, demeaning and dragged UKIP into the corrupt gutter they clearly share.

UKIP: Bloody nose for Yes Team and Farage at West Midland PEP Debate!

Farage’s plans for UKIP to join a PEP pan European party are being dealt severe blows in regional debates across the country where, so far, the reaction has been overwhelmingly a 90% No!We have been told, this was last night expressed more in the West Midlands than anywhere else - a region devastated by UKIPs national infighting and the de-selection of popular local MEP Nikki Sinclaire.

A packed room, we are told of 50-60 people heard from both sides. The 'No' campaign was represented by Trevor Colman MEP and Mike Smith. Mick 'Porky Pie' McGough and Michael 'who ate all the pies' Greaves represented the 'Yes' campaign.

The 'NO' side stole the show arguing on principle with passion (notably Mike Smith), that UKIP should stay true to its withdrawalist principles. This was greeted with constant cheering and clapping from the floor.

The 'Yes' argument, as always, centred around money, money and more money!

Unfortunately for Farage and his sycophants this wasn’t lost on the audience! McGough and Greaves were clearly out of favour with the audience. Indeed, they only received a polite clap from two or three people after delevering their ten minute pitch. We also note that their replies to questions from the audience were met in silence, in complete contrast to the response to the no side.

Michael Greaves even felt it necessary to claim angrily to a question from a member that they were too naive to understand the issues and that he knew best as he worked in the European Parliament! This drew hisses and shouts from the audience.

Michael then attacked were made on those MEPs that had left the EFD. This resulted in a passionate reply from Mike Smith.

We are pleased to note that this drew the biggest applause of the evening in responding. He stated that Trevor, Nikki and Mike were right to leave the EFD and that they had done so because of their principles. He also expressed anger that they were constantly being attacked in certain quarters for doing what every UKIP MEP should have done - leave the EFD! He then pointed out that they were all actively campaigning for the Euro-realist cause by producing literature, leaflets, websites and petitions.

How sad that Steve Crowther (chair) tried to silence Mike. And this was despite having just allowed criticism from the other side. You really couldn’t make it up!

We suspect the West Midlands might hold the biggest opposition to the EFD than anywhere else!

The yes side continued to lie in suggesting that the party would receive funding from 13 MEPs (as stated in March’s edition of Independence News). This was clearly a deliberate attempt to mislead UKIPPERS as only a maximum of 9 UKIP MEPs would join a PEP.

Let us not forget that Mike, Nikki and Trevor are adamant that they are not going join a PEP. And have they forgotten that Bannerman has now left UKIP for the Tories? Quoting figure after figure based on 13 MEPs (promising a third more funding than they would be entitled to) is yet again another example of the level of dishonesty that we have come to expect from the 'Yes' campaign!

We will leave you with some words from Farage - before he went native - which are now being repeated at regional meetings across the country.

‘’We are opposed on principle to the idea of state funding of political parties, either nationally or at a European level. It is not an appropriate use of tax-payers’ money”.

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