"Funding: Art. 7(1) and (2) Reg. 2004/2003 baldly states that ‘the funding of political parties and foundations at European level from the EU or from any other source, may not be used for the direct or indirect funding of other political parties and in particular national parties or candidates.’

This means EU (public) money can be used to fund pan-European party campaigns but not national parties such as UKIP.

Further, it is plain from the above that the allegedly large sums of pan-European money cannot be used to benefit UKIP either directly or indirectly.

Despite the massive bribes apparently on offer, EU money, in reality, can only be used supporting a structure that will destroy UKIP.

If UKIP joins or becomes a pan-European party then it will betray Britain and support the federal European state it is sworn to oppose. If that happens, our country is lost."

I quote from Trevor`s statement re Pan EU Parties.

Farage and co will have to come up with something more compelling than the fairy tale of lots more EU dosh for UKIP .
After all they will be throwing in the towel as far as many members are concerned so there really has to be something extraordinarily convincing to convert the party membership to its imminent demise.What is it?